About us

Company MB “Wide range metals” is located in Eastern Europe. In a country that is part of the European Union.

Lithuania is our home, from here we perform all our business operations. We sell and with help of our partners delivering materials that customer needs. And no matter where our customer is, in Japan, Canada, Italy or one of the Scandinavian countries. We work with everyone.

Our main business is import and export. We have carefully selected our suppliers, we working with real professionals, so we can offer to our customers high quality products, as well as good prices and delivery services that meet customer needs.

For a customer who values quality, MB “Wide range metals” offering a wide selection of goods such as metal powders and metal anodes. We are always ready to deliver products to the customer in the shortest time and on the most acceptable terms.

Company goals:

Ensure that only the best quality goods reach consumers.
Ensure that customer claims and complaints are promptly accepted and responded.
Build great relationships with our customers. Create a business that is valuable to both, for our customers and for us.