What you need to know about atomized aluminum ?

The term atomized aluminum may be foreign to many people. It’s because they are more familiar with the final form or the aluminum powder. Both terms refer to the same product. Hence people use them interchangeably or combine both names.

However, many people still don’t understand what aluminum powder is and how to obtain it. Even though they know some household items have aluminum in the mix, they don’t understand why it needs aluminum or why it needs to be in powder form. Most know aluminum in sheets or tin cans, but this alloy has various forms and functions that you need to know.

What is atomized aluminum?

Perhaps aluminum is the most well-known metal in household items. You can find it as a mix in stainless steel items such as non-stick pans. You also can find it in fireworks and concrete. It seems to have endless forms to fit multiple purposes. But have you ever wondered about how the manufacturers incorporate aluminum into their products?

Then comes the atomized process. In layman’s terms, this process means blasting the metal at high velocity through an orifice to produce a small grain. The atomization process will reduce both carbon and oxide content in the material. It gives them a longer life and sturdier appearance. Adding aluminum to several products can give the specific colors they need.

Aluminum powder also has different purity grades, as each industry requires various specifications. The powder for cosmetics will be of different purity and shape than the ones used in conductive paste. This distinction will affect the outcome of the products.

Atomized aluminum Powder usage

Aluminum powder has numerous usages in various industries. Even though it’s highly popular in fireworks and gunpowder making, it also has multiple other purposes, especially as catalysts, in numerous other industries.

For example, it’s also popular as a concrete mix. It may be a surprise to some, but several pre-mix concrete brands include aluminum powder to add building strength and resistance. You also can find atomized metal powder in several products such as rocket fuels, metallic paints, and even cosmetics.

Each of these products utilizes different aluminum features. Gunpowder and fireworks utilize the heat resistance feature. As you know, aluminum is one of the metals with good heat resistance. While the concrete mix and household products opt for aluminum due to its durability. Its strength and resistance help create products that are acid and corrosion-resistant.

It’s also worth noting that aluminum powder comes in several purity grades and shapes. You need to know what your product needs before purchasing the aluminum powder. And if you’re confused about which purity grade to use, you can ask your vendor for several examples.


Now that you know more about atomized aluminum and its usage. You also need to know that it also possess a health risk. Even though the case number is still low, exposure to aluminum powder in large quantities for a long time can cause several health issues such as metal-fume fever with flu-like symptoms. Therefore, you must follow the health guidelines while working with aluminum powder.