Copper metal powders

What’s Copper Metal Powders

It is a shiny powder that has orange-red color and is widely used in powder metallurgy. Copper is a highly conductive metal, and that's why it has many uses in powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy requires less machining and can produce better metal alloys. It reduces the amount of waste scrap built too. These factors make copper metallic powder an efficient material for use in heat conductive paste, chemical formation, friction products, bearings, electrical parts, etc. The granular copper powder can have different qualities like pore size, purity, production method, density, composition, particle size, and more.

Applications of Copper metal powder

Copper powder is helpful in industries for making a lot of products.
  • Sintered Components: Copper metal powder is used for making sintered components. Around 80% of the copper powder and steel powder are used in making sintered products. Sintered products provide design freedom. You basically take a mold. Make a paste of copper. Inject it inside the mold and let it harden. After that, it is further strengthened due to heating in a kiln. It gives an excellent sintered component. In automotive industries, copper and other metal powders are used to make complex designs and early parts like bushings and bearings.
  • Brazing: Copper metallic powders, bronze medals, and brass metal powders are used for brazing steel parts and other copper alloy components. They are used as a filler material to connect two or more metal parts. They are applied in liquid form. They interact with the base metal and produce a strong and sealed joint.
  • Chemicals: Metallic copper powder makes chemicals like copper salts and diphenyl. Copper sulfate and copper nitrate are produced by using copper powder.
  • Friction Products: A considerable number of friction products are an essential part of our daily lives, such as clutches and brake systems used in all kinds of vehicles ranging from cars to aircraft. Copper metallic powder is utilized in the production of these friction products.
  • Thermal Conductive Pastes: Copper is a good conductor of both heat and current. Its thermal conductivity is used in appliances such as cooling coils, radiators, heating coils, and more. Powder Copper is used to fill the gaps between two surfaces. It acts as a thermally conductive paste and transfers heat from one character to the other.
  • Soft Magnet Products: Soft magnets can be easily magnetized and demagnetized. They are used in many appliances like a transformer, rotating machine, electrical machine, electromagnet, etc. These valuable soft magnets are produced by using copper powder metallurgy.
  • Surface Coating: Metallic copper powder metallurgy is also used in the surface coating process. The exact coating process may vary as the purpose of coating changes. You can do Resin Based Coating, thermal spraying, or even more.
  • Copper Powder Printing: Copper powder is also used in printing. There exist copper-based inks which are used because of their shine. Some inks are used because of their conductivity. In producing these specialized paints and inks, copper is combined with binders.

Copper metal powder Conclusion:

The Copper metal powder has a shiny red-orange color and is highly conductive thermally and electrically. It has a lot of uses in powder metallurgy. It is used to manufacture soft magnets, copper-based paints, inks, chemicals, and sintered components. It is also used a lot in brazing for joining different parts. It is also used in surface coating and friction products, and many more.