Copper metal powder

Copper Metal Powder Min 99.90% 74 µm 200 Mesh 0.074mm Electrolytic Powder

CAS no: 7440-50-8

Purity minimum 99,90%

Oxygen | % | 0.09
Lead (Pb) | % | <0.001
Cadmium (Cd) | % | <0.001
Iron (Fe) | % | <0.001

Extra quality

Copper Electrolytic Powder 74 µm 200 Mesh

Copper powder PMS-1 is obtained by the electrolytic method, intended for the production of parts by powder metallurgy.
Copper powder PMS-1 is used in electrical engineering, instrument making, automotive, aviation, engineering, chemical industries.

Widely used metal, you can use metal in jewelry works, other art works, cold cast resin projects, use it in paint jobs, also you can use it to protect other metals from corrosion, make your own anti corrosion paints or even primers.