Iron powder 150 µm / 100 mesh / 0.150 mm Fe min. 99%

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Iron powder 150 µm with low content of oxides and controlled content of S and C.

Fe min 99%

Choose the quantity from 250g. to 25kg.

Size: 150 µm / 100 mesh / 0.150 mm

CAS no: 7439-89-6

Place of origin: EU

Production process : Tightly controlled smelting, water atomisation, annealing and final sieving
Apparent densities: 3.70 g / cm3
Particle shape: Irregular to round
Particle size: 150 microns

Specifications of iron powder:
Carbon (C) | % | 0.004
Sulfur (S) | % | 0.007
Oxygen content (O) | % | 0.97

It is used in such areas:

1. For the production of products by sintering and pressing.

2. For the manufacture of the core of the welding wire and the coating of the welding electrodes.

3. For oxygen-flux cutting, magnetic flaw detection.

4. For the manufacture of printing dyes and other purposes.

You can use metal in jewelry works, other art works, cold cast resin projects, use it in paint jobs.
This iron powder has broad use as raw material to chemical processes to be transformed in other components, or as a catalyst, or to be used in electrolytic processes, or to alloy with other metals

Wide range of use in industry section.

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