Nickel anode 200x100x12mm 2.100kg Ni 99.98%

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Place of origin: EU

Nickel Ni 99.98% min.

Weight and anode size: 2.100 kg. / 200 x 100 x 12mm

Also we have different Ni anode sizes in offer.

Specifications of nickel anode:

Nickel : 99.98% Min

(Fe) Iron : 0.0015% Max
(Pb) Lead : 0.0001% Max
(Co) Cobalt : 0.0005% Max
(Cu) Copper : 0.0005% Max
(Zn) Zinc : 0.0005% Max
Total impurities, no more than: 0.02% Max

Nickel is mainly used to apply reliable coatings to metal, improves protection and makes attractive look.

Nickel helps not only to acquire an attractive appearance for the product, but also he provides high resistance to corrosion and also extending the service life of treated surfaces.

Application and production of anode:

Basically, nickel anodes are presented in the form of sheets. Those Ni sheets are hot rolled on special machines, such workpieces are heated before they pass through the rolling machines, operation is repeating as many times as their needed to get wanted thickness.

The most common application for a nickel anode is nickel plating – coating a surface.

If you have a special requirements: Just contact us and we will try to help you on all your questions. We working with suppliers inside and outside the European Union, we have an opportunity to offer you many more options in the field of metal anodes, also different metal forms such as metal powders.

Buying with a valid VAT ID?
Please contact us by email: in order to proceed your order using the zero (0%) VAT rate.

Nickel Anode 

If you want to beautify your antique jewelry or protect metal objects from rusting, nickel anode plating is your solution. Coat objects using nickel anode plating functions as a nickel-based or nickel-alloy protective layer to protect that specific object. If you are interested in doing it yourself, then the electroplating method is the only option you can try. You can buy nickel anode products online at places that carry various metal products for electroplating.  

Why Nickel Anode Plating?

There are two main reasons for nickel anode plating an object: to protect it and enhance its appearance. For this reason, nickel anode plating is widely used in the mechanical engineering and instrument manufacturing industries and in various other multi-purpose industries. For example, in the food industry, nickel helps replace tin coatings. In contrast, objects made of non-ferrous metals and steel coated with nickel can increase an object’s resistance to mechanical wear and tear and protect it from corrosion.

In general, the nickel anode plating process requires the object to be prepared first. Then, it would be best if you did sanding on the object to remove metal oxides. Next, clean with a brush, and then rinse in clean water. Then, remove the excess grease in a hot soda solution and rinse again. FYI, nickel plating can lose its primary shine over time. Therefore, it is often covered with a more resistant layer of chromium. At, you can find quality nickel anode products in different sizes. For special inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact customer service for assistance. 


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