Nickel anode 200x600x12mm 13.200kg Ni 99.98%

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Place of origin: EU

Nickel Ni 99.98% min.

Weight and anode size: 13.200 kg. / 200 x 600 x 12mm

Also we have different Ni anode sizes in offer.

Specifications of nickel anode:

Nickel : 99.98% Min

(Fe) Iron : 0.0015% Max
(Pb) Lead : 0.0001% Max
(Co) Cobalt : 0.0005% Max
(Cu) Copper : 0.0005% Max
(Zn) Zinc : 0.0005% Max
Total impurities, no more than: 0.02% Max

Nickel is mainly used to apply reliable coatings to metal, improves protection and makes attractive look.

Nickel helps not only to acquire an attractive appearance for the product, but also he provides high resistance to corrosion and also extending the service life of treated surfaces.

Application and production of anode:

Basically, nickel anodes are presented in the form of sheets. Those Ni sheets are hot rolled on special machines, such workpieces are heated before they pass through the rolling machines, operation is repeating as many times as their needed to get wanted thickness.

The most common application for a nickel anode is nickel plating – coating a surface.

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Buying with a valid VAT ID?
Please contact us by email: in order to proceed your order using the zero (0%) VAT rate.

Nickel Anode Electroplating Process


Nickel anode provides an electric current into a plating solution. This will attract metal electrons from the solution to the parts to be plated. Thus, nickel anode is commonly used in the electroplating process.


Nickel Anode Specifications:


  • Size— 200 x 600 x 12mm


  • Weight— 13.200 kg


  • Nickel— 99.98%


  • Cobalt (Co)— 0.0005%


  • Copper (Cu)— 0.0005% 


  • Iron (Fe)— 0.0015% 


  • Lead (Pb)— 0.0001%


  • Zinc (Zn)— 0.0005% 


  • Sulfur (S)— 0.030%


What is Nickel Anode Electroplating? 


Basically, nickel anode is used in the nickel plating process on various objects, mainly for metals and plastics. A fine nickel anode is made of pure metal that can be found in the form of squares, coins and even pellets. Therefore, nickel anode electroplating is a process of using electrical conduction where nickel is used to coat a workpiece. So, how does this electroplating work?


Characteristics of Nickel


Nickel anode plating is mainly used for the purpose of preventing corrosion or adding aesthetic forms in objects. Nickel is actually a mining mineral that has flexible properties even though its texture looks hard. So, what are the main characteristics of nickel? 


The use of nickel is heat resistant and corrosion resistant that can’t be damaged by alkalis and sea water. However, nitric acid can damage nickel and slightly corrode by sulfuric acids and chlorine. Nickel also has hardness and moderate strength, good ductility, good electrical and also thermal conductivity.  


Nickel Anode Electroplating Process


First of all, nickel materials are used mainly as catalysts in electroplating. Therefore, an electrolyte solution is often used as a solution of nickel sulfate. In this electroplating process, with nickel anode as coating, it is necessary to add salt to the plating bath, such as nickel sulfate, nickel carbonate, nickel chloride, and more. 


When the anode— the electrode where the oxidation reaction takes place (positive pole), and the cathode— the electrode where the reduction reaction takes place (negative pole) change in potential due to the flow of direct electric current. Hence, the nickel anode decomposes into an electrolyte.  

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