Zinc anodes. Four size options and different weights Zn min. 99.995%

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Zinc metal anodes.

For our clients, we are offering posibilyti to achieve the best results using high quality materials. You have the opportunity to buy a quality product with a wide range of uses, we believe that this zinc metal anode will meet all your requirements.

Place of origin: EU

Zn min. (%) 99.995

CAS No. 7440-66-6

Zinc metal anodes:

20 pcs. (200x100x10mm) 28kg.

20 pcs. (600x200x10mm) 174kg.

20 pcs. (800x200x10mm) 240kg.

20 pcs. (1000x200x10mm) 280kg.

This is high purity zinc that can be used in any application where zinc is required.

Zn min. (%) 99.995

(Fe) : 0.002% Max
(Pb) : 0.003% Max
(Sn) : 0.001% Max
(Cd) : 0.003% Max
(Cu) : 0.001% Max
(Al) : 0.001% Max

Zinc Electrogalvanizing:

Zinc metal anode is used for galvanizing metal using the electrogalvanization method.
Electrogalvanizing protective coating is by far the most popular way to protect metal surfaces from metal corrosion.
With the help of a zinc anode, a thin layer of zinc is formed on the metal surface, which protects metal from corrosion.

The greatest enemy of all types of metal is rusting and corrosion. The corrosive effect of rust is very destructive. Reports from various institutes show that the cost of losses globaly figure of about €1 trillion.

The industries affected by this devastating effect of rusting includes manufacturing, production, transportation, etc.

Fundamental aim of zinc electroplating is to protect metals from rust or corrosion.

The zinc coating serves as physical protection which prevents rust from affecting the underlying metal surface.

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Zinc Anodes, Our Protector

Known and used by industries worldwide, zinc anodes are one of the seawater’s most effective sacrificial alloys. To prevent early corrosion, petrochemical industries apply zinc anodes to galvanize metallic equipment, such as drills or kegs. Marine industries often apply zinc anodes to ship parts.


Corrosion is the main cause of concern in various industries. Naturally formed due to small charges of electric current between seawater ions and metals, corrosion is a process that would certainly occur unless prevented. Corrosion causes metals to lose their beneficial properties. They lose strength and turn brittle. Moisture and oxygen also form gaps between the metallic atomic structure, making it lose its integrity and structural consistency. 


Metal parts that have rusted should be replaced or repaired. However, replacing or repairing corroded metals costs a lot of money and other resources that could be spent on other improvements instead. Corroded metals end up as tonnes of wastage, and it is financially wiser to instead seek ways to prevent the process itself. 

Use of Sacrificial Alloys

One of the most popular ways for industries to prevent the loss of resources due to corrosion is by using sacrificial alloys. Sacrificial alloys, such as zinc anodes, would corrode instead of the target metal. They encase the metal underneath into a protective capsule, forming a protective layer in a process called galvanization. The equipment would then function as it normally would, even under extended periods in seawater. Machines have more longevity, and metallic parts such as hinges or base structures would have their structural integrity protected. This ensures that industries would not need to find means of replacing or repairing corroded metals, thus allowing wiser financial decisions. This may also prevent injuries to the workers employed in the area, just in case some parts become brittle and break without notice. 

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