Zinc anode 1000x200x10mm 14kg Zn min. 99.995%

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Zinc metal anode 1000x200x10mm

For our clients, we are offering posibilyti to achieve the best results using high quality materials. You have the opportunity to buy a quality product with a wide range of uses, we believe that this zinc metal anode will meet all your requirements.

Place of origin: EU

Zn min. (%) 99.995

CAS No. 7440-66-6

Weight and anode size: 14.00 kg. / 1000x200x10mm

Also we have different Zn anode sizes in offer.

This is high purity zinc that can be used in any application where zinc is required.

Specifications of zinc metal anode 1000x200x10mm:

Zn min. (%) 99.995

(Fe) : 0.002% Max
(Pb) : 0.003% Max
(Sn) : 0.001% Max
(Cd) : 0.003% Max
(Cu) : 0.001% Max
(Al) : 0.001% Max


Zinc Electrogalvanizing:

Zinc metal anode is used for galvanizing metal using the electrogalvanization method.
Electrogalvanizing protective coating is by far the most popular way to protect metal surfaces from metal corrosion.
With the help of a zinc anode, a thin layer of zinc is formed on the metal surface, which protects metal from corrosion.

The greatest enemy of all types of metal is rusting and corrosion. The corrosive effect of rust is very destructive. Reports from various institutes show that the cost of losses globaly figure of about €1 trillion.

The industries affected by this devastating effect of rusting includes manufacturing, production, transportation, etc.

Fundamental aim of zinc electroplating is to protect metals from rust or corrosion.

The zinc coating serves as physical protection which prevents rust from affecting the underlying metal surface.

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Zinc Anodes for External Protection

By slowing down the metal’s corrosion rate, zinc anode shields the metal components of submerged structures. A sacrificial anode is an essential element of cathodic protection, which controls metal corrosion by employing the metal as the cathode of an electrolytic system. In other words, the layer of the metal that has to be protected is coated with a sacrificial metal which erodes more quickly.

The underneath metal is safeguarded since this metal corrosion occurs more quickly. Because the oil sectors use structures that may be submerged for lengthy periods, they both stand to gain from this electrochemical process. Galvanic corrosion is a process that occurs over time in a cell formed by two submerged metals.

Zinc anode for protection

The corrosion process is not entirely stopped by zinc anodes, often called sacrificial anodes or just zinc. Still, they balance out galvanic corrosion between the two metals they are intended to protect. Because it erodes so readily, zinc is very useful in this process and the material of choice for saltwater because the circuit resistance is decreased. As a result, it is especially helpful for the petrochemical sector, where various equipment, such as rigs and drills, must work below or even on the ocean bottom.

Zinc anode suppliers benefit the oil sector by shielding the exposed surfaces of submerged components. Zinc plating uses the metal’s propensity to develop a protective layer on crucial components, such as pipeline fittings and galvanized fasteners. This considerably slows down the rate of corrosion for exposed metals. Zinc is the best option since it has the biggest negative electrical potential, which is another reason. In other words, compared to comparable metals utilized for the same purpose, such as aluminum and magnesium, zinc often offers higher protection against corrosion.

Zinc anode is long employed in the petrochemical sector to safeguard onshore oil casings, fuel pipelines, and offshore oil platforms. The environmental harm brought on by highly corrosive stress cracking may often be catastrophic for nearby towns. Galvanic anodes of zinc preserve our environment while enabling everyone to extract the fuels required to run our civilization.

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