Zinc anode 800x200x10mm 12kg Zn min. 99.995%

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Zinc metal anode 800x200x10mm

For our clients, we are offering posibilyti to achieve the best results using high quality materials. You have the opportunity to buy a quality product with a wide range of uses, we believe that this zinc metal anode will meet all your requirements.

Place of origin: EU

Zn min. (%) 99.995

CAS No. 7440-66-6

Weight and anode size: 12.00 kg. / 800x200x10mm

Also we have different Zn anode sizes in offer.

This is high purity zinc that can be used in any application where zinc is required.

Specifications of zinc metal anode 800x200x10mm:

Zn min. (%) 99.995

(Fe) : 0.002% Max
(Pb) : 0.003% Max
(Sn) : 0.001% Max
(Cd) : 0.003% Max
(Cu) : 0.001% Max
(Al) : 0.001% Max


Zinc Electrogalvanizing:

Zinc metal anode is used for galvanizing metal using the electrogalvanization method.
Electrogalvanizing protective coating is by far the most popular way to protect metal surfaces from metal corrosion.
With the help of a zinc anode, a thin layer of zinc is formed on the metal surface, which protects metal from corrosion.

The greatest enemy of all types of metal is rusting and corrosion. The corrosive effect of rust is very destructive. Reports from various institutes show that the cost of losses globaly figure of about €1 trillion.

The industries affected by this devastating effect of rusting includes manufacturing, production, transportation, etc.

Fundamental aim of zinc electroplating is to protect metals from rust or corrosion.

The zinc coating serves as physical protection which prevents rust from affecting the underlying metal surface.

If you have a special requirements:

Just contact us and we will try to help you on all your questions. We working with suppliers inside and outside the European Union, we have an opportunity to offer you many more options in the field of metal anodes, also different metal forms such as metal powders.

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The Novelty of Zinc Anode Spheres

A new way to protect your metals is by using our zinc spheres. We ensure the highest quality materials that meet every requirement our clients have. Our Zinc originates from Europe, with Zn purity at 99.99% minimum and a CAS number of 7440-66-6. This shows that our zinc spheres can almost be considered pure, so clients can rest assured. Zinc anode spheres can be applied anywhere they are required.

Sizes We Offer

Each piece of anode sphere weighs 434 grams or 0.956 pounds. Up to 2 grams of weight variations should be expected. The diameter of the anode is approximately 5 centimetres (2 inches). We offer various sizing requirements, which can be specially ordered separately if clients wish to. 

Our Zinc Sphere Contents

The main component of our zinc spheres is Zinc at 99.99%. Other metals are also included in the alloy, consisting of:

Since our spheres are often applied for electro galvanization – whereby zinc anodes are galvanized alongside other important metal parts to prevent corrosion, the maximum thresholds for other metal components listed above are to ensure the high purity confidence of the Zinc itself. The natural properties of Zinc are preserved, and any interference between the metal components is prevented from occurring. 

Other Forms of Zinc Anodes

Some clients may wish to explore more options among anode forms. With suppliers inside and outside of Europe, we cater to these requirements with a wide range of availability, including zinc anode powders and the like. Further questions asked by our clients can be answered by reaching out to our contacts listed below.  

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