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True to its name, aluminum powder is a powdered substance that has aluminum as the primary material. Some other well-known aliases for aluminum powder include INS No. 173 and CI (1975) No. 77000.

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Some of the best selling aluminum powder for sale here, you can click on each product and choose which works best for you.Lots of manufacturing companies use aluminum powder for various purposes. Producing explosives and fireworks are some of the most common purposes. These days, some companies also use powder to manufacture some types of electronic devices and tools.

What are some of the more specific uses for aluminum powder?

The military world has recognized the uses of aluminum powder since the 1800s. Since then, the military world has used the powder for creating various explosives. Not stopping there, the 99% aluminum-based powder has also become the primary material for military tanks due to its robust and lightweight qualities.

The same characteristics also lead the military forces to consistently use the powder for creating armor, rockets, and other aircraft. The robust characteristics of aluminum powder also make it useful even for non-military purposes, such as medical purposes.

The medical world uses the powder for prosthetic eyes and legs due to the powder’s strengths and durability. Many hospitals’ equipment and tools, such as wheelchairs, surgical lights, and hospital beds, also use these powders since these powders have non-corrosive characteristics.

Some other uses of aluminum powder include LED lights and telephone cables. We can even witness some ceramics engineering companies use the powder in their operational processes.


What are the aluminum-based powder’s characteristics?

Since we frequently see these powders in explosives and fireworks, one of the most evident characteristics of these powders is their volatile nature. It’s easy for these powder types to burn when they interact with acids, alcohols, or even water.

Nonetheless, we can say that the aluminum-based powder is less toxic than other powdered substances, such as powdered bronze, particularly on short-term exposures. 

Such low toxicity levels also cause another characteristic of the powder, which is being environmentally friendly. Also, their durability is high, and their prices are cheap. We can opt for things with these powders as the primary materials for saving our budgets.

On the other hand, such great characteristics don’t mean the INS No. 173 powder is always useful in any conditions. We should also pay attention to their risks, particularly health.

What are the health risks of exposing ourselves to these powder types?

Even though these powder types are less toxic in the short term, we can’t guarantee that these powder types will always be safe for long-term uses. Some people experience health risks from overexposing themselves to these powders.

For instance, aluminum powder is often the cause of brain poisoning. Some brain-related diseases include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many other speech-related problems. 

Excessive inhalation of these powders without adequate safety measures will also contribute to confusion and muscle weakness. In addition, the INS No. 173 powder is also not a powder that is children-friendly. 

So, these health risks are why we should take safety measures when dealing with these powders. Additionally, we should keep them away from children as much as possible.If you need aluminum powder for sale you can check main category aluminum powder category here.