Rules of use


1. Order

All orders for goods are considered as an offer by the consumer to purchase the product in accordance with these provisions. The seller has the right to refuse to sell the goods.
If the ordered goods are not on sale at that time, the consumer will be given the opportunity to wait for the goods to be on sale or to be refunded within 7 days.

2. Price and payment

The prices of the products correspond to the prices indicated on the website.
The final purchase amount including the delivery price will be indicated in the buyer’s cart before confirming the purchase.
When the purchase order is received, the seller will send information about the product and its price by e-mail, together with the buyer’s right to withdraw the product.
The purchase amount must be paid in full within two days, otherwise the order will be canceled by the seller.

3. Delivery

Goods ordered in Lithuania will be delivered within 1-4 working days from the acceptance of the order.
Goods ordered outside Lithuania will be delivered within 5-32 working days from the acceptance of the order. Delivery time depends from customers world region and from delivery service that he is chose.
The seller will use the necessary delivery methods to get the product to the customer within the specified time.
International order information:
Customs duties vary from state to state, so the consumer should contact their local customs office. Also, when buying from Lithuania, the consumer is an importer and is responsible for all import laws and regulations provided by the country to which we import our goods.
We also remind you that all international parcels can be opened and inspected by customs representatives.

4. Seller’s Rights

The seller reserves the right to change the prices indicated on the website at any time. The seller will ensure that the prices quoted match the price of the product when the buyer places the order.
Seller reserves the right to discontinue distribution of any product.

5. Force Majeure

The seller will not be liable for the inability to perform its duties if it is hindered by external factors such as strikes, war, fire, communication and technology problems, or lack of natural sources. In this case, the seller reserves the right to extend its liability.

6. Changes in the rules

The Seller reserves the right to change the Terms of Use, but this right will not change the terms under which the consumer purchased the product.