Iron metal powders

Iron Metal Powder

Iron metal powder classifies according to purity, density, grain size, manufacturing method, etc., and there are various grades. Iron powders include high-purity water-atomized iron powders classified by purity, density, particle size, manufacturing method, etc.  Iron is a comparatively simple element in the world. The sun and many stars contain a considerable amount. Iron nuclei are very stable. Iron is a significant component of hemoglobin and is an essential component in the life-support of animals and plants. Pure metals are less common in business and are usually alloyed with carbon and other metals.

Applications of Iron Metal Powder

Water Purifier Manufacturing

Iron powder is used to produce ferrous and ferric salts used to purify water. Iron oxides such as ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, and magnetite are made from iron powder.

Steel powder cutting

When the iron powder is used in an oxygen-acetylene torch, the temperature of the flame rises, and the cutting efficiency of the steel material is improved. The resulting slag can also be diluted and heat-resistant in the absence of iron powder.

Food package

Powder iron bags are used in food packs, taking advantage of the oxygen absorption properties of metals. Ultra-fine and high-purity iron powders provided by metal powder manufacturers are used in the food processing industry. Iron powder is also used to enhance food nutrition and to produce supplements in pharmacies.

Friction materials and products

Certain products, such as automobiles, trains, and aircraft, take advantage of friction to slow down. The iron metal powder is used in brake pads and drum brake linings to create friction force. By using iron powder as a filler, the generated heat can be released, and the performance and durability of the product can be improved.

Sintered parts

By placing iron powder in the primary material, sintered parts can be made. Sintered parts are made of powdered metal, which can be subjected to enormous pressure and heat to form a solid product, which can then be made to order. Sintered parts are often found in large electrical equipment, automobile parts, and power tools.

Soft magnetic composite

Iron powder is also used in soft magnetic composites. This soft magnetic composite material is an anisotropic component with a complex shape while having three-dimensional magnetic properties through heat treatment and compression.

Brazing and welding

When parts are joined by brazing, the components can be brought into close contact by using iron powder. Due to its high heat resistance, and is filled between the two parts bonded. Iron powder is used as part of the coating material added to the cored wire and coated welding electrodes in welding applications.

Manufacturing of Magnetic Coating

Iron powder is used to coat the surface of magnetic paints and boards. Ultra-fine iron powder is used to manufacture magnetic paint.

Super Fine Iron Powder

Among iron powders, those with particles of less than 45 microns are called ultrafine powders. There are various types of iron powder, such as density, particle shape, fluidity, purity, application, and price.

Iron Metal Powder Verdict

Compared to other metal and alloy powders, iron powders and flakes have advantages in industrial applications. High-purity iron powders, such as cutting tools and surface coatings, are used in a wide variety of applications, making them one of the most popular metallurgical products. Iron and pre-alloy powders are developed exclusively by our skilled team to improve the quality of diamond tools such as gang saws, wire beads, circular saws, and polishing tools.