Brass powder 45 µm / 325 mesh / 0.045mm / Cu 70% + Zn 30% Yellow

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Brass powder.

Choose the quantity from 250g. to 25kg.

Size: 45 µm / 325 mesh / 0.045mm

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
This brass have: Cu 70% + Zn 30%

Place of origin: EU

Production process : water atomisation of molten alloy and sieving
Apparent densities: 2.35 g / cm3
Particle shape: irregular to rounded
Particle size: 45 microns

Brass powder:

Copper (Cu) content : 70 %
Zinc (Zn) content : 30 %

Brass are malleable, can be worked cold and are used in pressing, forging, or similar applications. They contain only one phase, with face-centered cubic crystal structure. With their high proportion of copper, these brasses have a more golden hue than others.

Brass powder obtained by cutting with water. It is used in many industries (shipbuilding, radio engineering, electronic, instrumentation, jewelry, aviation and automotive).
Often brass powder is used to apply special coatings in two ways:
surfacing and by the method of thermal spraying. This coating has a number of advantages:
resistance to wear and corrosion; resistance to sea water and other negative influences environment, tolerates stress well.
Part of decorative coatings. Also used in powder metallurgy and in making solders.

Widely used metal.
You can use metal in jewelry works, other art works, cold cast resin projects, use it in paint jobs.
Also you can use it to protect other metals from corrosion, make your own anti corrosion paints or even primers.

Wide range of use in industry section.

High quality and purity brass powder for all your ideas.


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